Our Working Zones

Our firm continues its successful work which is appreciated by its clients by showing the necessary research and diligence in the follow-up and collection of receivables of both individual and corporate companies. Some of the services provided are;

  • Follow-up of the lawsuits arising from the Execution and Bankruptcy Law of the leading banks and factoring companies and corporate companies of our country,
  • Execution and bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of receivables,
  • Bankruptcy proceedings as debtor and creditor attorney, postponement of bankruptcy and proceedings related to the application of concordat

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Our Office provides services regarding the follow-up of all kinds of business cases of individuals, companies and trade unions and disputes arising from labor law legislation.

  • Preparation of the employment contract by considering the needs of the corporate companies and compliance with the legislation,
  • receiving disciplinary penalties such as warning, condemnation and receiving defense demanded articles,
  • Giving opinion on just and valid termination cases,
  • Solving concrete disputes,
  • Termination of business relationship with peace and protocol

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Following the lawsuits arising from Labor Law and Social Insurance and General Health Law, determination of occupational accident, occupational disease and disability rates, material and non-pecuniary compensation claims, service determination and incomplete premium completion processes, cancellation of administrative fines issued by Social Security Institution and service is provided in line with the evolving needs related to the concrete event.

Büromuz şirketler hukuku alanında ulusal ve uluslararası kurumsal şirketlere danışmanlık hizmetinde uzmanlaşmıştır. Uzmanlık alanlarımızın bir kısmı ;

  • Genel kurul ve yönetim kurulu toplantılarının yapılması,
  • Sermaye artırımları/ indirimleri,
  • Pay defteri yazılması,
  • Ticaret sicil gazetesindeki ilanlı gibi işlemlerin takip edilmesi,
  • Şirketin durumunun değerlendirilerek rapor hazırlanması,
  • Şirket yönetimi konusunda danışmanlık hizmeti verilmesi


Our individual and corporate clients are advised on the preparation, review and termination of contracts in line with their needs. Some of our areas of expertise in Contract Law are;

  • Advertising and Sponsorship agreements,
  • Purchase and sale contracts,
  • Service contracts,
  • Real Estate Sales Promise Contracts,
  • Construction contracts for floors,
  • Lease agreements,
  • Types of framework contracts,

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Consultancy services are provided on contractual and administrative sanctions related to health law and service relations. Some of the services provided are;

  • Determining and fulfilling the obligations of private health service providers arising from private and administrative law,
  • Monitoring of contractual relations, invoices, criminal procedures between private health service providers and Social Security Institution,
  • Providing information and presentations on the obligation of private hospitals and physicians to private health service providers,
  • To follow up the legal and criminal responsibilities of physicians and malpractice cases

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Consultancy services are provided for the management, transfer, rental and establishment of all kinds of real or personal rights. Some of the services provided are;

  • Settlement of disputes arising from floor ownership,
  • Site management, floor owners general assembly meeting, management plan and operation projects,
  • Any dispute arising from the rent relationship
  • Preparation of a contract for the sale and rental of real estate,

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Our office provides the necessary support to its clients in the legal protection of intellectual property rights. Some of our services;

  • Trademark, patent, industrial design, utility model registration and follow-up of objection procedures to TPI decisions,
  • Preparation of license agreements,
  • Representation of clients to both the Turkish Patent Institute and WIPO and to all legal authorities in disputes such as invalidity, pecuniary damages and prevention of rape based on intellectual property law,

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In addition to the services provided in Intellectual Property Law, Mustafa UTKUSEVEN, one of our founding lawyers, pursues all kinds of trademark transfer, registration and procurement procedures in relation with the brand value in order to protect the brand image of commercial companies within Overseas Surveys and Consultancy Limited Company.

Legal advice is provided to foreign citizens in the form of work permit, residence permit, work permit extension application, follow-up and conclusion of foreigners to be employed by individuals or legal persons.

Our Office provides consultancy services within the scope of Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and related secondary legislation, and clients are successfully represented before arbitral tribunals and courts in disputes arising from these areas. Some of our services;

  • Following up to date all legislation in the field of consumer law
  • Consumer arbitration proceedings
  • To produce legal remedies against consumer complaints
  • Peace negotiations between the seller and the buyer, connection to the protocol
  • Resolving disputes arising from defective goods or defective services
  • Follow up of cases and disputes in Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts

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Our office, which is aware of the fact that social unity and solidarity can only be realized through the establishment of domestic order, provides follow-up of civil law cases and provides advocacy and consultancy services on current legislation. Some of the services provided are;

  • Negotiated-contentious Divorce
  • Compensation
  • Custody
  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Marriage Completion / Cancellation
  • Liquidation of the Goods Regime and Cases of Receivables
  • Inheritance Transactions

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Our office provides consultancy services in matters related to the law of inheritance and the follow-up of lawsuits under the Law of Inheritance. Some of our services;

  • To issue a certificate of succession,
  • Testament
  • Cancellation of the will
  • Heritage division contracts
  • Muris based on the cancellation of the title deed registration cases
  • Tenkis cases
  • Due to inheritance ration / cancellation cases
  • Elimination of the partnership (Elimination of Water)

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Our office provides consultancy services on the follow-up of lawsuits arising from economic crimes only and the existing legislation.

  • Offenses arising from customs legislation,
  • Audits and subsequent penalties under the Tax Procedure Law
  • Crimes in the tender mixing
  • Crimes stemming from the Anti-Smuggling Act

Competition law in Turkey has gained importance after the legal regulations in this regard. At this point, going all over the world and the impact of competition law in Turkey is increasing, we need the knowledge and expertise on this issue accordingly. Our firm provides consultancy services to the institutions it works for, represents its clients in the audits of the competition agency and substitutes the necessary cases for penalties and administrative sanctions.

  • To represent client companies in competition cases before courts
  • Directing clients on competition / dominant position regulations, rules and policies

It provides services to its clients in the settlement of legal disputes that may occur during land and sea transportation, by taking into account both national and international regulations, and resolution of disputes before national and international jurisdictions or other alternative disputes. In addition, drafting, revising and other consultancy services regarding the legal needs and demands of the clients are provided in accordance with the national and international regulations and conventions for maritime and commercial law.

  • Legal disputes related to road transport
  • Legal disputes related to sea voyage